Seasonal Rentals


If you are a regular on Mount Hood, but you’re not ready to commit to purchasing expensive equipment, our season ski and snowboard rentals may be the right fit for you. Buying new gear every year to accommodate growing bodies or different needs can be a tough pill to swallow, but seasonal rentals are a great alternative. There are so many reasons to rent seasonally:

  1. If your size changes, we will exchange out your equipment to meet your needs. Kids grow. Make sure the gear they use grows with them.
  2. You can take your equipment anywhere. Whether you’re staying local on Mt Hood for your skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing adventures, or prefer to venture to other areas, the season rentals can go with you.
  3. Keep the same equipment all season. It’s comforting to know what you’re going to have each time you go out on an adventure. With season rentals, you know what gear you’ll be wearing.
  4. Always have what you need at hand. No need to worry about if the rental shop will be out of your size. You’ve already got what you need to hit the mountain, even for those last-minute plans.
  5. You can get your gear tuned-up part way through the season. Bring back your equipment and we will get you tuned and ready to go.
  6. Save a ton of money over purchasing new gear each season. We make sure we have high-quality equipment that is in great condition. Can you say the same for gear you store year-after-year?
  7. It’s faster. When you all your equipment, you don’t wait in line. 
At Meadowlark, our experienced staff can make sure you are in the right gear for your next snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing adventure. We offer competitive pricing and our convenient location in Sandy will have you on your way to Timberline, Ski Bowl, Meadows or the snowshoeing trails in no time. Come and see us for your season rentals. You will be so glad you. 
Adult Snowboard package$300
Adult Ski Package$300
Adult Snowboard Only$250
Adult Skis & Poles Only$250
Jr Snowboard Package$220
Jr Ski Package$220
Jr Snowboard Only$170
Jr Skis & Poles Only$170

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