Stomp Pads

Stomp Pad Installation

Stomp pads are used as traction on the snowboard for your boot when unloading a chair lift. Stomp pads are cheap, easy to install, and very affective for traction when getting off the chair! Crab Grab stomp pads are produced locally in Oregon! Here is Crab Grabs stomp application instructions.

Shark Teeth

Simple, clean, and conventional these toothy spikes bite your boot treads for maximum foot hold. The patent pretending CRUBBER™ material allows your board to flex naturally, and the groove gills allow you to easily cut, customize, and arrange this pad to your exact needs.

Crab Grab

Mini Shark Teeth

Grip Disk

The incredible Grip Disk™ grabs your boot treads to prevent slippage, while still allowing your snowboard to flex naturally in all directions. Plus, it’s soft and spiky – just how you likey.

Crab Grab


Mega Heart

Mini Seaweed

Mega Claw

Skate Rails

With a shape and design inspired by the classic skateboard rails of the 1980’s, these peel n’ stick foam rails offer your topsheet extra grip for grabbing, and traction for one-footed riding. We hope you stick these on your board, send it off a snow covered launch ramp, and tweak out the greatest grabs of your life.

Crab Grab

Crab Trap

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