Used Snowshoes For Sale

Used Snowshoes for sale
21″ Tubbs Snowshoe $40
Used Snowshoes for sale
21″ Tubbs Snowshoes $40-60
Used Snowshoe for sale
25″ Tubbs Snowshoe $40-60

Our used snowshoes for sale range in price from $40-60 depending on the condition of the snowshoe. We are selling rental snowshoes at affordable prices throughout the season, but we may run out. The Tubbs Frontier snowshoe is an unbeatable value for solo trailblazers and hikers alike. The Frontier features the superior ease-of-use and all-day comfort of the 180 EZ binding. For more information on Tubbs snowshoes visit their website by clicking here.

Be sure to call if for any questions regarding inventory used snowshoes for sale

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